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Ortho-K Treatment

Non-Surgical Vision Correction. Wake Up And See!


Have you ever imagined waking up and being able to see without glasses or contacts? Looking for a non-surgical Lasik alternative that's also less expensive? Orthokeratology a.k.a Ortho-K (also called Corneal Refractive Therapy a.k.a. CRT, Vision Shaping Therapy a.k.a. VST, Corneal Molding, and Non-surgical Vision Correction) is the solution. This nighttime vision correction gives you freedom from glasses and contacts all day without refractive surgery.

What is Ortho-K Treatment?

Orthokeratology is the process of using specially designed corneal molds (made of the same material as a rigid gas permeable contact lens) to change the shape of the cornea. The molds are worn while sleeping, similar to a dental retainer. After waking up and removing the molds they can see great with NOTHING in the eye. Another great feature is the corneal changes made by orthokeratology are not permanent, unlike laser vision correction. 

Who is a good candidate for Ortho-k?

Most people can benefit from orthokeratology! This non-surgical procedure can be enjoyed by people of all ages and those who have nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and the need for bifocals (presbyopia). Ortho-K has two-fold benefits:  it corrects the vision without the use of lenses during daytime hours while you or your child is active or away from home, and recent studies demonstrate it significantly reduces the rate of progression of nearsightedness.

Do the Ortho-K molds hurt?

Very little discomfort is experienced during night wear which makes the lenses easy to wear for both adults and children.  

How long does it take to improve my vision?

Most patients see improvements immediately! Right after the first night, you will have improved vision. Usually the target vision is achieved very quickly but this is case dependant. It may even be possible to skip nights after your adaptation period is over. 

Is Ortho-K new? Why haven’t I heard of it?

Reshaping the cornea by means of a contact lens is not new and Ortho-K gained FDA approval in 2002. While Ortho-K has a proven record of safety and effectiveness, many people have not heard of it simply because it's a specialty treatment that few doctors are trained in and is challenging to perform. Results are dependant on each practitioner's level of skill. At Eye D Vision, our Ortho-K program is led by Dr. Diana Nguyen who is a member of the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control and also CRT certified

How can I keep my child’s eyes from getting worse every year?

This is one of the greatest requests by parents and another huge added benefit of Orthokeratology. For younger patients who suffer from continuing worsening of their nearsightedness (stronger glasses every year...) Orthokeratology significantly slows down this progression

Are you tired of reading glasses?

Patients who most utilize hyperopic molding are those with no distance prescription or are low hyperopes (farsighted) and over 40 years of age who need reading glasses and find them inconvenient. Traditionally these patients are fit in soft or hard lenses for all-day use. The molded result allows the patient daytime freedom from glasses and reading glasses! 


Are all Ortho-K molds the same?

No. There are multiple different Ortho-K mold designs available. At Eye D Vision, our unmatched experience in Ortho-K will make sure the best design is used for your individual needs. The doctors at Eye D will review each patient’s goals and physiology to create a customized Ortho-K mold to achieve the best results possible. Currently the most advanced and customizable molds are made through CAD programs. Dr. Diana Nguyen is a certified practitioner in Brooklyn and she performs extensive work with these programs.

How do I start my Ortho-K Treatment?

Simply schedule your consultation with us and get ready for to say goodbye to glasses!

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